Interview with honorary member Prof. Adrian K Dixon

I see something new and unusual in radiology every day

Honorary member of the German Radiological Society

Sherlock Holmes is nothing compared to a radiologist because the real detectives sit next to an X-Ray
apparatus or a CT scanner, states Prof. Adrian K Dixon, luminary of British radiology, who will be appointed
honorary member of the DRG at the 96th RöKo.

Why radiology? When did you decide to go into this field?
There are two main reasons: Firstly, when I was doing postgraduate training in internal medicine, I realised that I enjoyed the detective work in making the diagnosis. Radiology has become the ultimate detective agency! Secondly, I knew that I would become deaf in later life and Radiology would be an appropriate career choice. I had not quite foreseen how interventional procedures would become such an important part of Radiology and that communication with the patient is crucial!

Have you always wanted to become a radiologist? Which profession did you dream of when you were a child?
It was quite a late choice to go into medicine, let alone radiology. Indeed, I had to do biology after my main school subjects in order to enter medical school.

What do you like most about your profession, what do you like least?
Radiology is quite simply the most rewarding profession and every aspect is enjoyable. Even when one is quite senior one keeps seeing something new or unusual every day.
If there is a downside to Radiology, I suppose it would be the turf battles. However, these only occur because of the success of Radiology!

If you were able to go back in time, would you change anything?
I am disappointed that we never managed to fuse training in radiology and nuclear medicine.

Who influenced you most during your career and why?
There are three persons who influenced me a lot: Prof Tony Mitchell in internal medicine in Nottingham for making me inquisitive, Dr Ian Kelsey Fry for getting me interested in investigative radiology, and Prof Thomas Sherwood for supporting me in everything in Cambridge radiology.

"Snapshot Questions"

How does it feel to be an honorary member of the DRG?
Very proud and very grateful to all my friends in German Radiology

What’s the magic formula for success?
The more you practice, the luckier you get!

What song best describes your work ethic?
“We Can Work It Out" by the Beatles

When are you completely satisfied with your work?
I’m never completely satisfied. But the smile on a patient’s face is always gratifying.


zum 96. RöKo nach Hamburg von Kongresspräsident Gerhard Adam


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